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I heard an interesting story over the summer about a World War II parachute packing plant, named West Wing, that traditionally had 5% of their parachutes fail to open.  After the quality assurance audit, the problem was traced back to the insufficient packing of the parachute packers. The Colonel, an army man himself, explained that 100% quality was not only their duty, but the sole expectation at West Wing because a soldier was attached to the end of their parachutes.  He tried everything to convict their attention to this matter: rewards, prizes, cajoling but the West Wing parachute packers still only had a 95% success rate.  Fed up with these results, the Colonel introduced a new company policy – at the first of the month, he would take the parachute packers up, 5,000 ft, in an airplane, with randomly selected parachutes packed the previous month and let them jump.  Needless to say, quality immediately jumped to 100% and stayed there for the duration of the war.